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[Week 127~129] Hey!Say!7 Ultra Power - Yuto+Yuri
The 3-week shift with this pairing.
Next week (Most likely next 3 4 weeks) will be Keito + Ryutaro

(Missing 2011.03.14~2011.03.17 (Week 129)
2011.03.15 - Rest)

Click here for master list.

- Credit: Youtube - wasedajp + Other random sources (Tell me if it's yours and I shall credit you!!)
- Converted by me

*Credit me and the original uploaders if reposting*


Hihi!! Kana Desu!!
So, as obvious, I will be making my posts friends-locked.
I learned that some posts just can't be left hanging out for too long...

You are welcomed to add me as a friend, but I will only add you back if you:
*comment on this post saying:
- You will follow the rules nicely. (there aren't many)  => http://hoshina-kana.livejournal.com/2386.html
- The secret code written in the rules to tell me that you've read the rules properly, if you do not state which rules are written.
- S
hort, brief introduction about yourself to make me feel that you are not dangerous. (Meaning not ONLY name)

*Have a reasonable journal, meaning (Two of these):
- It is not completely empty
- You have changed your display picture
- You have changed the preferences and appearance of your journal
- You have filled in your interests, etc. (I haven't done this one yet, so I guess I wouldn't be SO picky for now)

*If you do not comment, you will be on the pending list forever!! Well.. if it starts to flood my inbox, I will delete the message.*

Kanarin's Strict Rules

Some rules you've got to know and follow, there aren't many.
So, here we go:
1. Never Steal. At least tell/credit me if you're reposting something anywhere.
(I did not enjoy seeing 3~4 people re-posting my videos on youtube last time... I hate to put my name/logo on things, because that's annoying (I hate videos with logos and stuff...) but that does not mean you steal them, I'll know.)

Be nice. I'm spending my time uploading things, and I do not want to see harsh comments. Appreciate for what you can get. ---No Complaints. 
(I'm doing this only because I want to share and spread the love~)
The Code: HeySayArashi<3
3. You may request, but do not beg. You may request things you want to see, and I'll try to find them for you. But I am not god, I can't promise anything. Do not beg me to find it for you if I don't.
(I do not have the responsibility to make you satisfied. I've got online courses to do.)

4. Be Understanding. Some videos posted on Youtube recently have been pointed out by people that they are against the rule and to be deleted. Those I will leave unlisted for several days (Means you just need the links). But I will make them private (Means you need an invitation). For more information about private videos, read http://hoshina-kana.livejournal.com/2302.html
(If you're too lazy to read the post, that's too bad.)

5. Be good friends =). We all love Johnny's, so let's spread the love together, and help each other out when needed.
(Updates are LOVED >///<)

Well, I guess that's all. Thanks for taking the time and reading the rules. It's more interesting than homework, I expect, but they aren't the best~ Hehe <3

Private Videos on Youtube

Well, that's because they are not the best to be in public for too long.
I've gotten several comments regarding the (yes we all know) copyrights.

So, here's the deal:
Send me a message, telling me your youtube username, and the videos that you are interested in. I will send an invitation to you on Youtube.
If you do not watch it within 3 days after invitation is sent, there is a possibility that you may not be able to watch it.

How the private video system works:
Only 50 people can watch it at a time. If I want to invite more people to watch the videos, I will need to reset the entire list. Therefore, people that were able to watch the videos may no longer be able to watch them after refreshing.